Angstrem Custom Design

About us

Firm «ANCUD» Limited is a well-known Russian designer and manufacturer of hard- and software for cryptographic protection of information. It was established in 1991. ANCUD engages in a full Hi-Tech product cycle from development of its own component base to providing complex solutions.

Main Activities

  • Design of encryption hardware and software for cryptographic protection of information.
  • Design and manufacturing user acceess control system.
  • Custom design of microprocessor components and electronic hardware.

Year of foundation: 1991
Location: Zelenograd, Moscow, Russia
CEO: Yury Vasilievich Romanets
Trade marks: КРИПТОН, Crypton.
Component base, production capacities: Russian.

Main customers: Federal ministries and departments, Central Bank of the Russian Federation and its regional branches, Russian Sberbank, Commercial banks.

ANCUD has designed and manufactured a whole family of state-of-the-art unique Russian cryptographic boards CRYPTON providing effective solutions to protect confidential and private information in computers and computer networks, electronic document exchange systems, e-mail, electronic payment applications and other modern IT fields.

ANCUD has developed a hard- and software information protection set that allows to create customer-tailored computer protection systems for use in both individual workstations and a variety of data communications networks including the Internet. Our products are compatible with all range up-to-day OS (MS Windows, Unix, Linux).